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‘Catastrophe’ star Sharon Horgan lost all Carrie Fisher’s texts after dropping her phone down the toilet

By Time Out Film

Brilliant news for ‘Catastrophe’ fans. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s filthy and hilariously funny sitcom is back on Channel 4 at 10pm tonight. In this week's Time Out Horgan has been chatting about the bittersweet new season, following the death of co-star Carrie Fisher, who suffered a heart attack while flying back to LA after wrapping.

Horgan tells us that writing about Fisher in the days after her death was cathartic. ‘I dropped my phone in the toilet on December 27 [the day that Fisher died] and it had a lot of texts from her that I lost. So when I lost the phone I thought: Shit, those messages were kind of what I had of her, I need to write something down now while I remember it.’

As the mother-in-law from hell, Fisher appeared briefly in seasons one and two of 'Catastrophe'. Horgan says her role is chunkier in the new season: ‘She’s only in one episode, the last one, but it’s a big role, more than in any of the other episodes… We have a great storyline for her.

'We haven’t got to editing it yet; it’s going to be hard for all the obvious reasons, but it’s a really amazing performance. I hope it’s a fitting episode.’

Horgan, who lives in Hackney, where 'Catastrophe' is set, also tells us that she won’t be moving stateside to LA after the success of her HBO comedy ‘Divorce’ starring Sarah Jessica Parker. ‘I love it there and I definitely think I’d be healthier out there, but I’d miss the London people, they’re all just brilliant arseholes.’

Horgan, who’s lived in Hackney for 13 years (she was also born in the borough, before her family moved to Ireland), also talks about gentrification in E8: ‘There is a feeling that one day it might be like a Disney version of Hackney when there are still pubs that look like Hackney pubs but they won’t really be Hackney pubs.’

Read our interview with Sharon Horgan. 


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