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Celebrate Pancake Day with these top five tasty toppings

Flo Wales Bonner

Mix and match to your heart [disease]’s content. 

Maple syrup


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Think honey has any place on a pancake? Bee-have. When it comes to stuff to drizzle on your flat friend, it’s sweet, nutty maple syrup all the way. Your dentist and doctor might not agree, but trust us – it comes from a tree, which makes it definitely healthy.



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Americans have been putting eggs on pancakes since forever, and now they’ve got the world’s most powerful economy. Go figure. Plus, runny egg yolk slowly seeping into maple syrup is pretty sensual. Or is that just us?




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Sweet meets savoury. Meat meets carbs. Sweet meets… wait, we’re losing track. Basically, Heston wishes he’d thought this up, but he didn’t, the thought of which drove him to madness (and paté in the shape of fruit). Simple and genius.

Fruit compote

Want an upmarket pancake experience? A generous splodge of berry compote is what to go for. What makes it posh is mainly the fact that compote is a French word, even if it is just glorified jam. Either way, glorious.




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Cholesterol, schmolesterol. Trust us, this can pretty much be combined with all of the above. Not everyone will be on board with this one (and you might get funny looks when ordering a side order of butter at brunch), but the fact is, it’s not your fault that some people haven’t seen the light yet. Think of yourself as a pancake Jesus.

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