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City envy: a company in Tokyo will send people to your office to wipe away your tears

Flo Wales Bonner

You're feeling sad at work. Maybe it's Monday. Perhaps your boss laughed at your PowerPoint presentation, or you just found out that your office crush snogged Karen from Accounts. What would make you feel better? How about a nice rentboy? It sounds far-fetched, but that's pretty much what a new Tokyo company offers. Website Ikemeso Danshi (which loosely translates as 'Handsome weeping boys') allows down-in-the-mouth Tokyo workers to order an attractive man to come to their office and wipe away their tears. The service, which is designed to promote 'good emotional health', doesn't stop there. For no extra fee, he'll even watch sad videos with you in your lonely work cubicle. London needs this, because, frankly, you can't beat a man with good bawl skills. 

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