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City envy: we want a massage bed shop where you can take a nap

Sonya Barber

Got that mid-afternoon slump and could do with a snooze? Need a disco nap before a big night out? Suffering from a hangover and thinking about curling up under your desk? If you were in Los Angeles right now, you could be living the high life, lying in a toasty bed getting gently massaged for FREE. Yep, you read that right. The Migun Western massage bed shop in Koreatown is letting people grab 40 winks in their fancy beds – and there's no catch. People can stay as long as they want (some are napping for two hours) while they get rolled up and down with heated domes. We could go for that right about now. Why are the owners letting this craziness happen? Because they say that it takes time for users to feel the bed's benefits and with price tags of over $3,000, they're quite an investment. We think this is a policy that should be implemented in bed stockists across London stat. 

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