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City envy: we want a rooftop vineyard like Brooklyn

Flo Wales Bonner

If, like us, you thought wine could only be produced in remote, sun-drenched fields in the heart of the (shudder) countryside, youíve got another think coming. Enterprising Brooklyn company Rooftop Reds has devised a worthy way to use spare roof space (other than hosting pop-up naked bars, obvs) by planting a load of grapes on it to create the worldís first commercial rooftop vineyard. A 15,000-square-foot area on top of the Brooklyn Navy Yard is now home to 170 Bordeaux vines, set to produce their first vintage in 2017. Hereís hoping for delicious results, rather than something with a bouquet of pollution and notes of sadness and city-dwelling angst. Just imagine if this came to London - by next year we could all be sipping on a sweet Stepney Sauvignon Blanc, or kicking back with a fine Mitcham Merlot. Cheers!

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