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City envy: we want Derby's Creme scotch eggs


Despite the recent uproar caused by Cadbury replacing the Dairy Milk in its Creme Eggs with regular chocolate (seriously, this isn't funny: are they insane?), the run-up to Easter just wouldn't be the same without the fondant-filled treats. But a café in Derby has taken things to not just the next level but maybe even a few levels above that, by creating what's surely the best new food trend of 2016: the Creme Scotch Egg. 

Thankfully, no actual sausage goes into this concoction, dreamed up by Phil Joy, head chef at The Park Bikeworks, a café in the city. Instead, the delicacy is made by smothering an entire Creme Egg in brownie mix before rolling it in chocolate flakes. So what if each comes in at a diabetes-inducing 1,000 calories? Diabetes is a problem for future-you, right-now-you deserves a little heart-stopping treat.

We also want a cake maze like LA and Paris's cheese delivery service

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