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Crap news: Passing Clouds has been seized by bailiffs

Passing Clouds repossessed

The story so far: independent music, nightlife and arts venue Passing Clouds found out earlier this year that their building had been sold to a property development company. In June, the developers locked Passing Clouds out of their home – so the venue and a crowd of local supporters broke back in and carried on. The battle continued until last week, when PC’s owner Eleanor Wilson was taken to court by her new landlords – after they’d previously offered her a new 15-year lease. Today we heard the unhappy ending: Passing Clouds has been evicted.

According to local activists who have been fighting a passionate campaign to save the venue, around 50 bailiffs turned up last night and took control of the building. As you can see from the picture above, they’ve installed metal shutters over all the doors and windows to stop any further reoccupations. Venue staff are considering what to do, including possibly holding tonight’s scheduled Lyrically Challenged event in the street outside.

There’s still time for a twist in this tale: Wilson is reportedly considering a High Court challenge to the eviction ruling. Her supporters have also called for Sadiq Khan to step in and make good on his manifesto pledge to protect London’s nightlife. One thing is certain: unlike the many independent venues quietly snuffed out over the last few years, Passing Clouds won’t be going down without a fight.

Read more about Passing Clouds’ battle to survive.



Alex G

Sadly PC has gone the way of dozens of clubs of late in London. Pretty much every last builder's merchants, car park & warehouse has been converted into 'luxury' housing in Hackney and now the last few places that made the borough what it once was, go the same way. As a Londoner from childhood, sadly I've seen it so often that it's hard not to get cynical about this cycle & just see it as part of life. It's sad to say that money speaks louder than community !

Sue K

Not just a place to hear good music Passing Clouds also provided free meals on Sunday and space for local community groups during the day.  Shame on the developers who refused to sell the lease to them and went back oln the promise of an extension and instead want to turf more people onto the unemployed register

Stuart W

Only got to visit there once with my cousins that live in London absolutely gutted to hear this. It is a boss venue and caters for all....... #KeepPassingClouds

April C

Beer was £4 you numpty. Entry was generally free before 9pm, £5 before 10pm and £10 after till 4am... pretty good cover charge for 3 international bands and DJs till the early hours.

jonn s

They ask £10 to enter and sell £5 bottle beer which is organic. It was a contradicted hippie place anyway.

Sue K

@jonn s Are you related to the developer by any chance?

Adam P

@jonn s What a pillock. The deal that you've mentioned doesn't even accurately reflect Passing Clouds yet is the exact same offer at 90% of other London clubs on a week, for a shit DJ playing chart music and the added joys of knuckle dragging gym freaks and coked up city boys - Passing Clouds has/had soul, variety, love, incredible live music from all over the world and a raft of community-benefiting talks, workshop and classes and STILL managed to keep their offer completely local, organic and vegetarian friendly at less than the going rate. It also happened to be the very best night out in London. Shame on you for missing the point (and the free entry!).