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Crappy Christmas: the worst trees and decorations in London

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

There's no denying that London knows how to do Christmas – there's hardly a square foot of the city that hasn't been covered in festive lights, the smell of mulled wine is seeping out of every bar and pub and you can't move for mince pies. But not everyone's festive efforts are as perfectly polished as the Selfridges Christmas window display. To make you feel better about your own tragic tinsel that's adorning your lacklustre tree, we've rounded up the saddest-looking Christmas trees and decorations in town.

Sure, on the outside, Selfridges is full of festive joy, but inside the store? Not so much. Let's hope this was the work of one very angry elf after a long shift at the grotto.

And if Selfridges isn't your thing, what about this Argos 'pop-up shop'.

And here's what your Christmas would look like if TfL was in charge. Even the 'No Smoking' sign has had a festive makeover and it might just about be the saddest thing we've ever seen.

Oh wait, we spoke too soon. This is the saddest thing we've ever seen. Frosty's been at the gin again. 



A photo posted by Lloyd Morse (@stealing_apples) on

Yes, it's Christmas but that doesn't mean all rules and regulations go out the window. This tree comes with a friendly reminder that anyone who might be considering pocketing one of their super shiny baubles will be caught and, er, possibly prosecuted. 

We've also spotted a lovely festive trend of Christmas trees behind bars, because nothing says Christmas quite like health and safety. Or maybe it's just another preventative measure against those pesky bauble thieves.

Sonya Barber

And it's not just the trees that are dangerous - even the baubles are being reigned in.

Luckily, these Christmas trees have been let loose, but only after a year in captivity:


Throw out the old Christmas tree in time to get a new one! #shitlondon

A photo posted by @funksmuggler on

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