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Did the Tate just accidentally announce who's going to win the Turner Prize?

Eddy Frankel

Probably not, but they did do a big old social media whoopsiedaisy. In the run up to Tuesday's big prize ceremony, where a panel of judges will properly announce who they have selected, the Tate Twitter team were clearly prepping their celebratory tweets in case of any eventuality and some butterfingered dingus must've accidentally clicked publish, naming Anthea Hamilton as the winner. And then Helen Marten. The tweets were quickly deleted, but not before being noticed by former Time Out art editor Ossian Ward.

We say 'clearly prepping their celebratory tweets in case of any eventuality', but maybe they DID accidentally tweet the real winner, then quickly tweet another to make it look like a mistake and like they actually have no idea who's going to win and then delete the whole thing?! Maybe, just maybe, it's the world's most imperfect crime followed by the world's most perfect coverup. The only way to know is to put £10,000 on Anthea Hamilton to win and wait 'til Tuesday to find out. Easy freakin' peasy. 

Our guide to who might win the Turner Prize can be read here, and GUESS WHAT, Ladbrokes had Hamilton as the 2/1 favourite. Can you smell that in the air? Yeah, it smells like Davidoff Cool Water, and it's called a conspiracy.

In other art news, Tate Modern is going to get covered in fog.


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