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Ee by gum! Six places in London that do massive Yorkshire puddings

Written by
Emily Gibson

It's officially bloody cold out, so what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than gorging yourself senseless on that most wonderful of British traditions, a Sunday roast? As we know, the star of any roast isn't tender beef or juicy chicken. It isn't even crispy potatoes roasted in bubbling goose fat, or the lashings of gravy, and it sure as hell isn't the broccoli. It's the humble Yorkshire pudding light and crispy up the sides with a thick, ultra-absorbent bottom. And, whatever anyone tells you, size does matter. Here are six places where you can get a big Yorkie in London.  

Joanna's, Crystal Palace


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How big are the puds at the legendary Joanna's in Crystal Palace? HUGE. 

The Bull & Last, Dartmouth Park

Also known for its epic homemade Scotch Eggs, The Bull & Last's Yorkshire puddings are the size of a baby. And more delicious.


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Mr Fogg's Tavern
, Covent Garden

Where better to enjoy the quintessentially British Yorkshire pud than at whimsical Victorian hideout Mr Fogg's Tavern? The beasts here are served with beef dripping potatoes, roasted veg and your choice of chicken, pork belly or rib of beef. 


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Hawksmoor’s famous roasts come with Yorkies big enough to double as an adorable little nest for golden goose fat roasties, winning it a special accolade for carb on carb action. 


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The Pig and Butcher
, Barnsbury

What these babies lack in polish they make up for in sheer size. Posh pub The Pig and Butcher may not have the prettiest Yorkshires in town, but they do nearly obscure the entire plate. And that's what counts.

Mac & Wild 

Venison specialists Mac & Wild save on the washing up with their Yorkshire/plate combo. (Why can't we have every meal served on one of these!?)


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Where are your favourite Yorkshire puddings in London? Let us know in the comments!

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