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Eight Netflix shows to binge on this Christmas

Ellie Walker-Arnott

December is a busy month and all those Christmas parties have got in the way of our telly-watching time. 

But now 'tis the season to chill out, slow down and stay in your pyjamas all day long. Christmas is for catching up on Netflix's recent releases – and THE most talked about shows of 2016 (in our office, at least). Enjoy! 

Gilmore Girls

What is it? The funny, endlessly quotable US series has been revived by Netflix after almost a decade. Rory, Lorelai and co are all back in Stars Hollow for four nostalgic feature-length episodes.

Why watch? Melissa McCarthy is returning as Lorelai’s BFF Sookie St James, alongside original showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino. She departed before the much-maligned seventh series but it returning to end the drama the way she originally planned. AND you get to find out what those final four words are.

The OA

What is it? It's being dubbed the new 'Stranger Things', which gives it a lot to live up to. This new sci-fi series follows Prairie Johnson, a woman who resurfaces after having been missing for seven years. Prairie was blind when she disappeared, but has her sight when she returns... 

Why watch? Created by and starring Brit Marling, who is known for seeking out and creating interesting roles for women on screen. 

The Crown

What is it? Peter Morgan, the man behind film 'The Queen' and play 'The Audience', has written a ten-part period drama for Netflix. It's the first British original and it didn't half cost a lot. The drama follows a young Elizabeth Windsor as she marries and starts a family before becoming Queen of England.

Why watch? For Matt Smith's brilliant portrayal of a troublesome young Prince Phillip, for Claire Foy's perfectly regal clipped accent and for every single scene John Lithgow steals as Prime Minister Winston Churchill. 

The Crown


What is it? The Channel 4 show formerly known as 'Scrotal Recall' (lol) is back for a second series on Netflix. Johnny Flynn, Antonia Thomas and Daniel Ings star as three former uni pals stumbling through their twenties. The premise is that Flynn's character Dylan has been diagnosed with chlamydia and must tell all his sexual partners. The stories of their encounters are then told in flashbacks.  

Why watch? The chemistry between the three leads is brilliant. It's funny, rude and really easy to watch. 


What is it? This new post-apocalyptic thriller set in the near-future has an intriguing set-up: the world is in ruins and an offshore haven offers the only escape, but only for the lucky 3 percent. It's already been renewed for a second season. 

Why watch? It’s Netflix’s first original production shot in Brazil and is a reboot of a web series from creator Pedro Aguilera.

Dirk Gently

What is it? A new adaptation of Douglas Adams’ novels. He was better known for his 'Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy' series, but Adams also wrote two books about holistic detective Dirk Gently, a ‘hyper, absurd’ crime-solver. Stephen Mangan previously played him in a BBC4 adaptation.

Why watch? Elijah Wood plays Todd, Dirk’s hapless assistant. The character is a new addition Adams’ surreal story. 

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Black Mirror

What is it? The third series of Charlie Brooker's dark, dystopian series. It's as terrifying as ever. 

Why watch? Each episode is a stand-alone story so it's easy to dip in and out of. There are also a lot of familiar faces in this latest run, including James Norton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jerome Flynn, Bryce Dallas Howard, Faye Marsay and Mackenzie Davis. 

Stranger Things 

What is it? An '80s-set sci-fi series about a boy who goes missing and a mysterious girl who appears. There's all sorts of pop culture references, conspiracy theories and odd goings-on. Winona Ryder also acts her socks off as the missing boy's mum. If you loved '80s movies, you're going to lose your shit over this. 

Why watch? Because everyone else already has. You'll also never look at your Christmas lights the same way again. 

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