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Everyone's a critic: your reactions to the Turner Prize

Eddy Frankel

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The Turner Prize exhibition is at Tate Britain this year, and features a train set, a giant bum and a huge pile of pennies by the four nominated artists. The Tate has set up a comments board outside the exhibition, and the reactions (from young and old alike) are freakin' priceless.

First up, this child clearly does not like Anthea Hamilton's big botm sculpture

Others were more into the tush though

Some people even got quite threatening about it 

One person got all political

PS, I love ass

The exhibition as a whole was lost on some people, but then, they did come from Windsor

I fear for your handwriting, mate

Some viewers were so incensed by the whole show that they forgot how to spell 

While one viewer took the comments board as an opportunity to tell someone called Rufus how he really feels (wassup Callum!)

The Queen came by and left a note too, which is surprising

This is cute though

And finally, I think it's time to RETHINK SOCIETY, once and for all

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