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Everyone's angry about... Superhighways (again)

Isabelle Aron

We unpick the issues that have got Londoners all riled up. This week, it's those controversial cycle superhighways (again).

Haven't we already got cycle superhighways?

We have five. But apparently that’s not enough. Boris Johnson has four more cycle superhighways in the pipeline and three under consultation, including a controversial route that’s set to run through Regent’s Park.

Ooh, that sounds scenic.

Tensions are running seriously high on that one. Motorists fear the superhighway will cause more congestion while cyclists are concerned that the new route won’t go ahead. Around 150 cyclists recently held a demonstration in Regent’s Park, where Mustafa Arif from the London Cycling Campaign said those against the plans were ‘dinosaurs’ who were ‘addicted to their cars’.

That's telling 'em!

A petition has been launched by campaigner Daniel Howard to stop the ‘catastrophically ill-planned’ scheme, which he regards as a ploy to piss off motorists so much that they stop driving altogether. Sneaky. And he’s not the only one: more than 3,500 have already signed up. But the prize for being the most hilariously riled about the whole debacle must go to Hampstead solicitor Jessica Learmond-Criqui, who runs the I Love Hampstead NW3 Facebook group. She’s said that if the plans go ahead, Regent’s Park ‘will become a velodrome’ and ‘Hampstead will become a ghetto’. Ah yes, all those multi-million-pound houses, gastropubs and dog-grooming parlours... it’s like the Bronx in the ’70s.

Did you know that the number of cyclists in London are equal to a fifth of all tube passengers?

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