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Feline body confident? You can now sign up for a butt-naked run through London Zoo


Would you strip off for a big cat? If the answer’s yes, this could get a little awkward. If it’s ‘maybe, unless you’re talking about a weird sex thing...’, then read on. 

ZSL London Zoo is bringing back Streak for Tigerswhere a group of willing animal-lovers will disrobe and run butt-ass nekkid through the zoo to raise money for international tiger conservation work. ‘Why, why in Tony the Tiger’s name would they do this’ you ask? In a handy little coincidence, it turns out that a group of tigers happens to be called a STREAK. And who can resist dropping their pants in the name of wordplay? 

You’ll have to pay for the pleasure of whipping your pubes out for all to see: there’s a £20 registration fee, plus a pledge to raise a minimum of £150. For those who can’t face full-frontal, there are spectator tickets for £15 (these can only be purchased by the streakers’ friends and family, which should hopefully weed out the creeps). 

If you’re prepared to take a crack at it, you can sign up for your place here

Want to see some animals without having to get your kit off? Try Zoo Nights instead. 

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