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Five things to never say to a barista

By Time Out London Food & Drink

It's a hard life being a barista. No really, it is. Here are just a few things that real people (yes, you, people) said to real baristas*.

1. 'Don't ask for a "normal coffee". We do batch brew or espresso-based drinks. How do I know what's "normal" to you?' 

2. 'One guy asked me for a flat American and then got angry when it didn't exist. He stole the spoon out of spite.' 

3. 'Anyone asking for "extra hot" makes what I do as a barista pointless because I’m burning everything in that cup. Someone even ordered "atomic hot" once.' 

4. 'An Americano is a black coffee. When you order one, don’t make me go and get a side of milk.'

5. 'Asking for any sort of syrup. No. If your order contains more than five words, Starbucks is down the street.' 

*We've protected the identities of the baristas in question, because otherwise they wouldn't 'spill the beans' (arf arf – see what we did there?)…. but you'll find the places they work on our piping hot list of London's best coffee shops. 

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