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Five ways you can easily avoid public transport this summer

Time Out in association with ASICS

With bus delays and tube closures part and parcel of London life, it's no wonder our morning commute is kinda bumming us out. According to research ASICS, those who take the train, tube or bus are three times more stressed - and twice as tired - as those able to walk all, or most of their journey. But it's not all doom and gloom. There's more than one way to get to work that'll brighten your mood (and you won't have to stare at sodden armpits for an hour, phew!). 

Walk the extra mile (literally)

Walking shouldn’t necessarily be a drag. Mix up your commute by walking the last leg or simply take a detour on your way home. Just be sure to pack your cattle prod if you're walking down Oxford Street.

Leg it

For those Duracell bunnies that love feeling energised as they march into the office, lace up your trainers and zip through the parks, streets and the new Run The Tube installation instead. With more offices equipped with showers nowadays, you've got no excuse not to.

On yer bike!

Thanks to improved infrastructure, Londoners can cycle to work, easy-peasy - but make sure you know the law because, feuds with drivers? Not fun. If you live in Shoreditch or Hackney Wick, you even have the license to ride a Penny Farthing. It might be a tad tricky to navigate Old Street roundabout though.

Get your skates on

You’ve probably encountered the mass of rollerbladers participating in the Friday Night Skate or Sunday Stroll. Cop a pair of bladerunners, hang out with the pros and soon you’ll be good to glide around the capital - as long you don’t live near any massive hill (we see you Swains Lane...).

Kick, push and scoot

Channel your Noughties teenager and dust off the old Razor scooter. It's a great way to briskly navigate the pavements, and get in a little workout. 

Grab a paddle

Obviously, kayaking might be restricted to those who live near the river. But the views and the possibility to impersonate James Bond (on the cheap) are unparalleled. You can even wear a camouflage life jackets to complete the look - yet shooting through a window of the MI5 building is strictly optional. 

Or, you can always head over to the incredible, multi-sensory experience ASICS has launched to get us moving. Check it out: 


Need to limber up for your new and improved commute? Get involved with ASICS #IMoveLondon campaign by visiting and

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