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Five ways you can reduce exposure to air pollution

Written by
Cath Clarke

The sun has finally found its way to the capital, but, unfortunately so has a Saharan dust cloud, which means London's going to be even more polluted that usual this weekend. Here are five ways to reduce your exposure to air pollution.

1. Use quiet back routes

Walk, cycle or run on back streets. It can cut your exposure to polluted air by up to two-thirds.

2. Keep away from the kerb

If you do have to use a busy street, walk away from the road and closer to the buildings. It may sound a bit old wives' tale, but according to experts it's proper science.

3. Run during your lunch hour

Pollution is generally worse in the mornings, between 7am and 10am, then drops before spiking again during the evening rush hour.

4. If cycling, don't get too close to the vehicle in front

Give some space to the vehicle ahead of you to avoid breathing in fumes directly. And use the advance stops at traffic lights - they put you in front of the traffic, further away from exhaust fumes.

5. Drive less and use taxis less

Not only will you reduce your exposure to air pollution (which is highest in cars and taxis), you'll be doing your bit to solve the problem, and saving money. Win-win-win!

Image: David Holt

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