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Get a load of the Thai ice-cream trend that’s rolled up to Westfield Stratford

Written by
Laura Richards

Sure, you've heard of pad thai. But what about the next best 'fried' thing to come out of Thailand: stir-fried ice cream?      

Okay, it's not actually fried in hot oil; it's cystallised on a sub-zero griddle. Made on the streets of Thailand for years, stir-fried ice cream first arrived in London last year and may well be the most mesmerising thing in the world to watch being made bar the last 'Bake Off' final. And luckily, a pair of clever lads have just brought the idea to Westfield Stratford in their Pan-n-Ice van, which is now parked up outside the shopping mall in a nod to the street-food origins of the frozen dessert.

Pan-n-Ice is a street-food van operated by friends Rob Huysinga and Henry Milroy, who first came across the trend in Koh Phi Phi on their travels and wanted to recreate the magic back home. They call their truck Bubba and rumour has it they'll sing to customers while they make them dessert. We'll just stick to the ice cream, thanks. So how does it work? 

First they pour liquid ice cream on to a freezing metallic plate. Then mash it up... 

pan n ice

Then – here comes the good part – they roll it. OooooooOooOoooOh... 😍 

pan-n-ice gif

Et voilà! The ice cream has been 'freeze-fried' and is ready to serve... 

pan n ice

Like this! 

Pan n ice

Find Pan-n-Ice at Westfield Stratford every day from 11am to 9pm. 

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