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Google user reviews of art galleries are ridiculously surreal

Eddy Frankel

The internet has given everyone a voice, and if you read these Google reviews of London galleries you’ll quickly realise what a terrible mistake that is. London is full of incredible art galleries, truly some of the best in the world, but it’s also home to some of the worst commenters. Not that I’m complaining: I’m a big fan of what you’re about to read. Just look at these incredible opinions: 

Take the Camden Arts Centre, for example, which hosts world-class exhibitions, and also features some very tiny gallery workers:

Although maybe its real problem is its location:

Speaking of location, you know what the main problem with the Institute of Contemporary Arts is? The fact that it’s so inconveniently located, a full five minutes’ walk from the tube and literally right in the middle of central London:

Forget location, Marian Goodman’s got something far more appealing to the casual art lover:

 Sausages? Forget sausages, the Showroom’s got TACOS, motherfucker!

Oh. They must have run out. Still, four stars, eh? The real problem with art galleries is that they’re so bloody arty, like White Cube in Bermondsey:

Stupid modern art galleries with their stupid modern art. White Cube again:

Stupid arty girlfriends and arty people in their free modern art galleries. They’re so confusing, aren’t they? (still White Cube):

Confused? It’s okay, Google is here to help translate (still White Cube, seriously):

Thanks, Google! But what I really want to know is what White Cube is ACTUALLY like.

Well, that IS innovative curation, isn’t it? Five stars! And they say that art is all a load of old bollocks. 

We’ve got ACTUAL reviews of ACTUAL art right here. They’re not as funny. 

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