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Got £500 to spare? You can now get a 23-carat gold pizza from Pizza GoGo

Isabelle Aron

Margherita pizza just not doing it for you these days? Well, if you've got £500 kicking about, you can now take things up a notch with a pizza topped with white truffle oil, caviar, lobster tails, fantail prawns and, er, 23-carat gold flakes. And where's this luxury pizza from? Some posh, Michelin-starred restaurant? Nope, Pizza GoGo. Yes, really. The £500 price tag also includes red carpet delivery and butler service at your house, which all sounds a bit awkward really – how are you going to enjoy your £500 pizza if there's a butler lurking over your shoulder waiting to cut the next slice? 

Luckily, this isn't the kind of thing you can casually order after you've had one too many beers on payday and you're feeling like a baller. You have to pre-order the gold pizza from Pizza GoGo's head office three days in advance, so it's not exactly fast food. Oh, and if you're a fan of stuffed crusts, be prepared to shell out an extra £2. Seems reasonable – cheese ain't cheap, y'know.

Find out more about Pizza GoGo's gold pizza.

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