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Growing Underground: there's a subterranean farm in a WWII bunker in Clapham

Underground salad farm, Clapham.
Underground salad farm, Clapham.

We wouldn't normally recommend buying herbs from a ‘secret underground farm’, but we can assure you that the tasty greens sprouting in a WWII bunker 100 feet below Clapham Common are totally legit. Growing Underground is London’s first subterranean farm and it’s just started selling micro versions of red and green basil, celery, salad rocket, coriander, garlic chives, wasabi mustard and radishes, both wholesale and direct to punters. Kitted out with fancy lighting, hydroponics and ventilation systems, it looks more like a lab in a sci-fi film than a market garden, but you can garnish yourself silly knowing that these herbs have the smallest carbon footprint in town (unless you count that wilted basil plant in your kitchen). Co-director Michel Roux Jr is already using them in his restaurant Le Gavroche, so you’ll be in good company. Finally, a herb dealer your mum can approve of.

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Swampie S

So, how does the money work on this farm?  If you are paying for sun, and my old timey farm gets it for free? How do you make money?  Got to pay extra for rent? Electric?

Can't see it making a profit over the long haul... Like King L says, switch to a higher value product... One can make 800-1,000 USD per large harvested Pot plant... Now that's a business...

PS:  Please don't use tax dollars to fund this... it's a waste.