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Hackney is having a seriously bad news day

Isabelle Aron

If you live in Hackney, we've got a double whammy of bad news for you concerning your bikes and your bits. Not only is Hackney the borough with the highest rate of bike theft, it's also got the worst rate of chlamydia in the capital. More than 1,300 bikes were stolen in Hackney last year, according to a survey from security company Litelok, which looked at data from the police, TfL and the Crime Survey for England and Wales. And it's estimated that only one in four people actually report their stolen bike, so it's probably way more than that.

And when it comes to STIs, data from Public England Health shows that the highest number of people aged 15-24 with chlamydia are living in Hackney (although Lambeth was the worst in the country for gonorrhoea so let's not all lay into Hackney). And while we're at it, the whole of London could probably do with a trip to the clinic because the figures show that while STIs are decreasing in the rest of the country, they're on the rise across the capital with a five percent increase on last year.

In the meantime, Hackney-dwellers, it might be time to invest in a heavy duty bike lock – and some heavy duty condoms probably wouldn't go amiss either.

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