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London Borough of Hackney
David Holt/Flickr

Hackney is officially the most miserable part of London

James Manning

Every year, the Office of National Statistics asks people all over the UK how happy they are – and most of the time, gloomy old London comes in towards the bottom end of the results. This year, London’s overall happiness score is once again slightly below the UK average. (Cheer up – it may never happen!) But when it comes to misery, there’s one borough that beats all comers: Hackney!

ONS researchers asked a sample group the question, ‘Overall, how happy did you feel yesterday?’ And despite two of its neighbourhoods coming first and second in our list of London’s best areas to live in 2017, Hackney had the lowest happiness score: just 7.10 out of ten. If you live in the benighted borough, you might like to know these five ways to be happier in London.

Lambeth, Enfield and Lewisham also scored poorly for happiness, while the top three most sickeningly joyful areas were Merton, Harrow and London’s happiest borough: Hounslow. Maybe all that aeroplane noise isn’t such a problem after all, eh?

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