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Mike Skinner/fireworks
© Rob Greig/SJ Liew

Has it come to this? Mike Skinner is DJing at a private school's fireworks

Written by
James Manning

From The Streets to the playing fields: Mike Skinner is spinning tunes at Highgate School’s bonfire night next weekend. The MC and producer is lined up to DJ at the exclusive private school’s Fireworks Festival on November 7, sharing an unlikely bill with balloon modelling, face painting and the Mr Marvel magic show.

What’s going on here? We’re hoping that Skinner is charging a hefty fee to take the shine off his Streets cred. It’s easy to shout ‘sell-out’, but as a wise man once said: a grand don’t come for free.

But wait – could this actually be the peak of Mike Skinner’s career? When we spoke to him recently about Tonga, his club night in Dalston, he told us ‘we’re as baller as we can be.’ And what’s more baller than spaffing £6,235 per term on private school fees? By playing out some bangers for the students and parents of Highgate, Skinner has finally completed his journey from the rough end of Birmingham to the north London elite, alongside Highgate alumni like John Betjeman, Barry Norman, Crispian Mills and Fonejacker. His rider probably includes sixth-form places for his kids George and Amelia. Dry your eyes, mate: turns out social mobility isn’t dead after all.

Seriously, though, if you’re going to go to a fireworks display this year you might as well make it the one where Mike Skinner is DJing. Next up: Craig David at Harrow.

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