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Have the Pride of your life: dos and don'ts for Pride in London

Written by
Nick Levine

It's London's greatest celebration of diversity, with more than 750,000 people expected to march through the city. Everyone's welcome at Pride and Nick Levine has some tips to make sure you have an unforgettable day.


DO Make sure you arrive on time if you want to march. This year's parade starts at Baker Street at 1pm and wends elegantly down to Whitehall via Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. On the day, Pride will be laying on entertainment at the Main Stage in Trafalgar Square, as well as the Cabaret Stage and Women's Stage in Soho.

DO Think about the people who've inspired you. Whether that's Kylie Minogue and Caitlyn Jenner, or Ian McKellen and Ellen DeGeneres. This year's theme is 'Pride Heroes' and the event's organisers are encouraging us to tweet our suggestions using the hashtag #PrideHeroes.

DO Remember the essentials. Yes, Pride In London is an anything-goes celebration, but we're still at the mercy of the British weather. A bottle of water, some SPF 25 and a lightweight hoodie are must-haves, while an umbrella hat is unlikely to boost your pulling power.

DO Expect to be asked for directions to Heaven, London's biggest gay club. And do prepare a response that's in-keeping with the Pride spirit. 'Do I look like a walking satnav?' is unacceptable. 'Head towards Charing Cross station and turn right just before Maccy D's' is much better.

DO Brush up on Blue's greatest hits. The reunited boyband will be performing on the Main Stage and their 2003 banger 'One Love' looks all set to become the day's arms-in-the-air anthem. Other booked acts include 'The X Factor' star Rebecca Ferguson and classical combo Collabro.


DON'T Get completely trolleyed before the parade's even left Baker Street. You're bound to bump into at least one of your exes, and looking like Kate Moss at the end of an EasyJet flight won't make them think: 'Damn, I should never have let that one go.'

DON'T Feel like you have to take your top off. This applies to girls as much as guys. If you want to flaunt your torso, go for it - but if you don't, Pride In London won't exactly be lacking in spray-tanned flesh for everyone to eye up.

DON'T Panic if you get separated from your mates. Last year more than 750,000 people hit the streets, so it's easy to get lost in the crowd. If you're really struggling, you'll probably find someone you know stocking up on cheap gin-in-a-tins at the Tesco Metro on Dean Street.

DON'T Mention Katie Hopkins. She used a recent newspaper column to criticise Pride in London for excluding Ukip from this year's parade on safety grounds. The professional wind-up merchant is currently on a mission to turn herself into an unlikely gay icon, but let's just say that Liza needn't hang up her sequins just yet.

DON'T Throw shade at any of your fellow revellers. Even when they tread on your feet and splash beer down you. Remember that Pride is all about inclusivity, and embracing everyone whether they're young or old, Soho virgin or seasoned scene queen, male, female, somewhere in between, or even Katie Hopkins wearing a rainbow flag T-shirt.

Pride in London march takes place on Saturday June 27, find more details here. Here's 19 facts you didn't know about Pride

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