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Help the 'Ugly Animal Preservation Society' find a new mascot

Josh Mcloughlin

The internet (in other words, our brains) are full of images of nature's lookers: cats, dogs, cute little bears and micropigs. But what about those animals that are slightly, um, lacking in the looks department. Let's face it, no-one's swiping right on a blobfish – not even other blobfish.

A night of stand-up comedy is coming to London dedicated to bigging up some of Mother Nature's more 'aesthetically challenged children'. The 'Ugly Animal Preservation Society' will meet at The Spread Eagle tomorrow (January 26), where six comics and MC Simon Watt will search for Croydon's very own minging mascot.

Here's how it works: each act chooses a different endangered – but ugly – species, and at the end of the night, the audience vote for their favourite. Comedians will get just ten minutes to convince the crowd their pick should become the 'Ugly Animal Preservation Society' emblem and mascot.

In the words of the society's president Simon Watt, 'You can help these mingers by choosing one animal to stand up for all the other uglies in the animal kingdom'. Aw.

Photo: Ugly Animal Preservation Society

'Ugly Animal Preservation Society' will be at The Spread Eagle, 39-41 Katharine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX. Jan 26, 7.30pm, £8. Get tickets here.

Did you see the sheep cruising around Streatham and the police horse trying to board a bus?

Here's what happened when we met Amy the sheep:

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Posted by Time Out London on Sunday, 15 January 2017

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