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In pictures: an exclusive look inside Swingers, London's first permanent crazy golf bar

Alexi Duggins

Crazy golf pop-ups are everywhere in London at the moment. But you know how many permanent crazy golf drinking venues there are in the city?

Zero. Zilch. Zip. UNTIL NOW.

This week, Swingers, the fore (Arf) father of London’s crazy golf-pop ups has followed up its successful run in Shoreditch last year with the city’s first dedicated crazy golf venue in the heart of the City. There are two nine-hole courses, four street food stalls and loads of amazing golfing action to be had (including a tree that lights up at the ninth hole when you pot the ball).

Don't take our word for it. Just check out these photos. We think you'll find that it's it’s looking very good indeed. You could, in fact say it was: ‘above par’. [All photos: Andy Parsons]

One hole features a shot you have to play underneath a fully-working lighthouse (well, the light at the top rotates anyway, although it's unlikely to save any distressed sailors): 

There's a loop-the-loop that you have to fire your ball through (which you may remember as a feature of the previous Swingers course): 

See those tanks in the background? Yep: that's 3000 litres of Meantime beer that they'll be serving on tap:

There's even an on-course bar for you to get drinks from (although caddies will offer you drinks as you play):

At the start of the other course there's a golf club-stuff buggy parked there, which is where you get your putter from:

One hole features a big, rotating windmill on stilts: 

Swingers crazy mini golf london

There are shots you have to play over bridges: 

 There are semi-impossible shots you have to play along narrow beams: 

There are shots that involve you firing the ball into the air via a little ramp (at the front of the photo): 

There are short putts: 

There are also long putts (we like big putts and we cannot lie):

 And then when you're done, there's a super swanky two-storey club-house with a gin terrace:

 And to soak up the booze, there's a street food area with grub from Pizza Pilgrims, Le Bab and Patty & Bun:

 It opens this Friday May 27, so get booking now at


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