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In pictures: this weekend's anti-austerity protest

Written by
Guy Parsons

A hundred thousand protestors congregated in central London last Saturday (June 20) with one goal: to fight back against the government's policy of welfare cuts and austerity measures.

Members of our Flickr community were there to capture all the action – check out their shots below.

Fuck the fucking fuckers

© The Weekly Bull

Londoners at an anti-austerity protest.

© Max Gor

Photographer Max Gor said: ‘This was the biggest demo I have ever seen. So many people attended: it was such fantastic mix of people from many cultures and backgrounds. I personally do not support all their views, but it was fascinating to see that unity, how they organised themselves, how they treat each other. It isn't something you often see.’

Anti-austerity rally, London, June 2015.

© Steve Bell

A man in a 'V for Vendetta' mask at an anti-austerity protest in London.

© Bruce Biege

Anti-austerity protest, London, June 2015.

© The Weekly Bull

Cut war not welfare. Stop the War coalition sign. Protest, London.

© Sean Batten

Protestors in Parliament Square in front of Big Ben.

© Timothy Nunn

© Eddie and Daisy

Angry artist.

© Bruce Biege

© The Weekly Bull

Anti-austerity protestor. London, June 2015.

© Francis McKee

Anti-austerity protestors, London, June 2015.

© Michael Candelori

This sign surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.

© Francis McKee

Charlotte Church holds an anti-austerity banner.

© Michael Candelori

Police at the anti-austerity protests in London, June 2015

© LGEEography

Defy Tory Rule

© Michael Candelori

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