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Japanophiles, rejoice! An ice-cream mochi bar has opened at Whole Foods Kensington 🍡

Japanophiles, rejoice! An ice-cream mochi bar has opened at Whole Foods Kensington 🍡

A task: go to your phone and call up the ‘emoji board’. That thing in the food section, with the three pastel-coloured balls on a stick – know what that is? Didn’t think so. That there, dear friends, is a trio of Japanese mochi balls (actually, if we’re being pedantic, they’re the very similar dango balls, but no matter). They're ace: knock-down delicious, squidgy little globules of sweet rice dough, usually dyed and stuffed with bean paste. Or – and this is the relevant one – ice cream!

Japanophiles the city over should prepare to freak the freakin’ hell out, because frozen mochi mavens Little Moon have launched the UK’s first mochi ice cream bar at the High Street Ken branch of Whole Foods Market, specialising in rice-dough wrapped little balls of gelato. Flavours lurch from recognisably Japan-to-London staples: matcha, toasted sesame, yuzu, mango, salted caramel and the like, in a mix and match format. Oh yeah, and they’re available in takeaway boxes to freeze at home. Chuck out the frozen peas, stat!

Whole Foods Kensington is at 63-97 Kensington High St, W8 5SE.

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Japanophiles? Mochi ice-cream is a Japanese-American treat. While both mochi and ice-cream existed on their own, Frances Hashimoto, born in an Arizona internment camp during WWII and raised in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles,CA, is the creator and inventor of the dessert. Her family's company Mikawaya produced it and launched it into many mainstream markets across America. They're even available at our local Brooklyn delis and bodegas. She's been gone a few years now but what your Whole Foods in Kensington is now enjoying and celebrating is all due to her.

Definitely rethink one, TimeOut London. 

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