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London buses are getting slower every year

London buses are getting slower every year
Petras Gagilas

Sometimes it can feel like London's buses are crawling along so slowly that they might as well be going backwards. But it's not just in your imagination – new figures from TfL show that London buses are getting slower every year.

The data shows that at least 158 bus routes have seen a decline in speed by five percent since 2013, and 28 of those have become more than 10 percent slower.

In a meeting between watchdog London TravelWatch and TfL, it was said that building work and congestion are to blame for inefficient routes. You don't say? 

London TravelWatch is calling on Sadiq Khan to make the bus system a top priority. But let's not forget that Sadiq has already introduced the Hopper bus ticket and finally confirmed a date for the long-awaited night tube. Oh, and his Dad was a bus driver, so if anyone's going to sort out London's buses, we reckon he's the man for the job. 

Photo: Petras Gagilas

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Ironic that what so often clogs up our roads are huge empty double decker red buses; pointlessly trudging their passenger-less way around London so that the Mayor can claim to be backing the bus network; which of course, we all must accept to be an endless universal good, even when it is clearly an endless waste of resources, money and space. 

Someday a politician will have the guts to state this obvious fact and do something about it; meanwhile businesses, citizens and residents will suffer entirely avoidable pollution, noise and inconvenience. 

Should you doubt my word, just spend a week counting how many times you see a huge double decker bus with just a small car load of passengers on it.