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London is the least boozy city in the UK

Isabelle Aron

London seems to have an unquenchable thirst for quirky bars - whether you want to inhale your booze through a walk-in cocktail cloud or mix your own drink in a 'Breaking Bad'-style cocktail lab, we've got it covered. So we were kind of surprised to hear that Londoners aren't actually drinking that much booze.

According to a report from The Sun, people in London are drinking the least amount of alcohol of all the UK cities, knocking back a mere six and a half pints per week. We know, we were as shocked as you. The figures show that people in Newcastle and Manchester are chugging about eight and a half pints per week, but Bristol and Glasgow are the booziest cities in the UK, where they're putting away nine pints or glasses of wine per week. Who knew we were were such a clean-living bunch? 

Want to prove the stats wrong? Make your way through all the late-night bars in London.

Don't fancy a pint? A booze-free bar is opening in west London.

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