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Londoners reveal how they'd spend their last £5

Londoners reveal how they'd spend their last £5
Nathan James Page

If you only had a fiver left in the world, how would you spend it? We asked Londoners, and here’s what they said…

‘I’d buy 500 1p sweets. Although what with inflation, I’d probably only get 250 1p sweets.’

‘I’d spend it on a hat, a whiteboard and a marker. Then I’d sit outside Marble Arch, with the hat on the floor in front of me and a sign saying “Help – I just spent my last fiver on this hat.”’

‘A lamb chop at Tayyabs. Nothing else comes close.’

‘I would buy a notepad, a pen and a last coffee. The next JK Rowling: coming soon.’

‘On a third of a pint.’

‘Cocaine, of course. What a silly question.’

‘Buy five juggling balls – five hours busking, back in the game.’

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