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Londoners reveal the one rule they would make everyone in London follow

Rules for London life
Nathan James Page

If you could make everyone in London follow one golden rule, what would it be? That’s what we asked you. Here’s what you said…

‘No adults on scooters.’

‘If you live somewhere very expensive with a big balcony/terrace/garden, you should be fined for every sunny day you don’t use it.’

‘One person on the tube in each carriage publicly reads the newspaper instead of five people holding up the same paper.’

‘Anyone under 5'6" is not allowed to use an umbrella in the rain.’

‘Once the buzzer on a bus has been pressed for a stop, it is forbidden to press it again. The bus driver isn’t taking a fucking vote on whether or not to stop at Selfridges.’

‘If you are on your mobile while you are being served, the cashier can take it from you and play Candy Crush for ten minutes.’

‘Just try not to act like a c**t all the time.’

‘Everyone new to London has to watch a short video on tube etiquette and walking speed, like aeroplane safety films.’

‘Make everyone wear Crocs in the name of social equality. No one will feel smug and superior, no matter how much their watch costs. Crocs: the great equaliser.’

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Cristiana J

This is the most ridiculous and non tolerate list ever made, if this is true it just shows how society is not tolerant with diversity which is very sad.