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Londoners reveal the weirdest things they’ve seen on the tube

James Manning

We asked you about the strangest things you’ve seen on the tube. Turns out there’s some weird shit going on down there. Here’s what you said…

‘A woman chopping onions on a wooden board on her lap’

‘A man on the phone to his wife while ripping a newspaper into strips, crumpling them up and eating them’

‘A couple alternating between making out and sticking pencils up each other’s nose’

‘A lady feeding her pet rat Vaseline’

‘A woman scrubbing off her leg psoriasis with a toilet brush on the Victoria line’

‘Father Christmas gave me a bag of weed’

‘A man sharpening a hunting knife on the Northern line’

‘A guy snorting cocaine off a sleeping bald man’s head’

‘A bride in her wedding dress completely alone, drunk and crying’

‘A woman eating a cold stroganoff with her fingers at 7am’

Be careful out there, everyone. Next we want to know: what’s your strangest housesharing experience?

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