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Londoners reveal their biggest guilty pleasures
Nathan James Page

Londoners reveal their biggest guilty pleasures


We asked you to reveal your biggest guilty pleasures. It turns out you enjoy doing some pretty, um, interesting things.

‘I’m a tube driver. My guilty pleasure is reopening the doors for people that are in a rush. Then they know that we’re not all cunts.’

‘Bed biscuits. Worth the crumbs.’

‘Eating incredibly loudly on the tube, knowing it’s annoying everybody else.’

‘Barging into people that aren’t paying attention. Who’s in the wrong? You, for not looking where you were going.’

‘Talking to my blanket as if it’s my elder sister.’

‘Stealing food from my flatmates without getting caught. The trick is to steal just enough so they won’t notice.’

‘Pimple-popping videos.’

‘Seeing people heading to the stairs at Covent Garden tube, then waiting at the top
to see their faces. They only do it once.’

‘Putting my iron on for ten seconds so it’s just warm, then playing with it all over my body.’

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