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Londoners reveal their most awkward messaging mishaps

James Manning

We asked you for your most embarrassing texting, messaging and WhatsApping incidents. Here’s what you had to say for yourselves…

‘Explaining with elaborate detail to my friend why I wanted to break up with my boyfriend, and sending it to him instead.’

‘Late one night I was trying to sort out a couple of grammes of coke by text. Instead of sending the message to
my dealer, I sent it to my dad.’

‘I once received an explicit sext from my sister by accident. Ugh.’

‘I signed off my name (Catie) in an email to my boss without realising autocorrect had changed it to “CUTIE”.’

‘I called in sick and two hours later sent my manager a text: “Boarding!”’

‘I took a drunk selfie of me in my knickers but sent it to my boyfriend’s daughter, not him. Try explaining that to his ex.’

‘I texted my boss to say that everybody in the firm hated one of our colleagues and we had to have a chat. Guess who got the text?’

‘Sent a text to my landlord that was about her, saying she needed a high five with a chair to the face. Told her it was my predictive text.’

‘I asked a boy what part of town he lived in. His reply: “Pornhub”. He blamed autocorrect.’

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