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Londoners reveal their most embarrassing childcare slip-ups

James Manning

For our summer Time Out London Kids magazine, we asked you to tell us about a time you’d totally messed up while in charge of a child. Here’s what you confessed to…

‘I accidentally let my five-year-old nephew watch “EastEnders”. The next day the teacher told my sister her usually mild-mannered son had grabbed another boy around the neck.’

‘I used to be a nanny to a bilingual toddler. She hit her head on a see-saw and only spoke Portuguese for the rest of the day. I was convinced I had knocked the English out of her.’

‘I went to pick up my crying son in the middle of the night, and because it was so dark I started rocking him upside down, like I was trying to shake coins out of his pockets.’

‘My three-year-old needed a wee during the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. I had to let him go by the railings, much to the disgust of the tourists.’

‘I dangled my four-year-old niece by her ankles over a pig pen at a city farm because she said she wanted a better view.’

‘I’d had a really long day at work and went to collect my daughter from nursery. After chatting with all the teachers as you do, I got in the car and started driving home. On the way, my mobile rang. “Do you think you’ve forgotten something?”’

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