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Londoners reveal their strangest sexual experiences
Nathan James Page

Londoners reveal their weirdest sexual experiences


We asked you to reveal the strangest things that had ever happened to you while getting intimate – and you didn’t hold back. What you are about to read is very, very NSFW…

‘My girlfriend went down on me on a bench opposite the Tower of London. Not one passer-by said a word.’

‘We were watching “Titanic” and then suddenly I was in the middle of a threesome.’

‘I once dated a guy who got off by closing his eyes and jiggling my butt cheek.’

‘He came so hard that semen came out of both my nostrils.’

‘He asked me for a foot job: like a hand job, but with my feet.’

‘She burped vigorously whilst giving me a blow job. It was surprisingly arousing.’

‘He started licking my forehead. WTF?’

‘After a one-night stand I found a condom (used but empty), a pair of socks and a packet of Super Noodles lined up neatly on my dressing table. I still have no idea what happened.’

‘Peanut butter.’

Now tell us: what’s the worst job you’ve ever had to do?

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