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Luxury flat owners are suing Tate Modern because of peeping toms

Written by
Eddy Frankel

When Tate Modern unveiled its new Switch House extension last year, it was greeted with great praise and rapturous applause from all walks of life. But few people praised it as greatly or applauded it as rapturously as peeping toms, who finally had a way of sneaking peeks into the neighbouring luxury flats from the top-floor viewing platform.

Now, obviously, people who live in those incredibly expensive flats were none too pleased at having thousands of museum visitors ogle them as they argued about the nanny over their bowls of caviar and Weetabix. No great praise or rapturous applause from them. But when they complained, Nicholas Serota, who was then head of the Tate, suggested that maybe they should just buy some bloody curtains. Cue more grumbling.

But now that grumble has turned into a lawsuit, as five residents of the Neo Bankside building have banded together, arguing that the viewing platform breaches their human rights and puts them under ‘near constant surveillance’, according to The Guardian. Though many residents either agree with the lawsuit or can see the benefits of it, one homeowner shared a more pragmatic view with The Guardian: ‘There are wider concerns to be had in this world.’

Honestly, I don’t care either way. All I care about is ART.

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