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Most Googled: when will London be underwater?

Written by
Matt Breen

Here’s a slightly apocalyptic one: it seems that Londoners have been asking the internet not if but when they’ll have to start commuting by gondola. We asked Simon Moody from the Environment Agency, who explained that due to the effects of climate change, sea levels in the Thames Estuary are expected to rise by anywhere between 20cm and 2m by the end of the century, potentially inundating swathes of low-lying London. While it’s much more likely to be at the lower end of that spectrum, the possibility of tidal flooding remains a real threat.

Luckily, just in case things do start to get a bit Old Testament in the decades to come, the agency has put together the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan. It contains all sorts of flood prevention measures, including the possibility of a new Thames Barrier by 2070. So for now you can hold off on stockpiling dinghies and flare guns for your great-grandkids.

And while we’re at it, how did Soho get its name?

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