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Most Googled: why do Londoners walk so fast?

James Manning
Written by
James Manning

You know how out-of-towners always whinge about Londoners rushing everywhere? It turns out they’ve been Googling it too. And to be fair, we are pretty speedy: a British Council study found that the average London walking speed was faster than in three other major UK cities – Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast – not to mention Snoring-on-the-Wold.

But Londoners aren’t actually that fast by international standards. The same league table ranked people in New York, Dublin and Berlin as faster walkers. Even supposedly chill cities such as Madrid and Copenhagen came in higher.

Interestingly, further research suggests that the more populous a city is, the faster its citizens walk on average. There’s also a correlation between cities’ economic output and their average walking pace – so maybe we’ve got fast walking to thank for London’s status as a global city. Now, get out of the way!

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