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Nine of your booze-fuelled misadventures

Guy Parsons

We asked you for your most memorable nights out in London. You didn't disappoint...

'After leaving a club, a few friends and I blagged our way into a hotel bar as an American boy band. We called ourselves “The Innocents” – and people believed us. Guests paid for our drinks all night , we serenaded them on a grand piano then crept off into the kitchen to eat trifle with our hands.'

'I went out for what was just supposed to be a pre-wedding drink in Soho. I woke up the next day with all my hair cut off. Apparently, I let a random guy shear me . The groom was not impressed.'

© Nadya Peek

'I went out and lost my shirt, my shoes –and my arm. It was a prosthetic. Still, pretty tough to explain it to the hospital.'

'My friend got too drunk to leave the house, so I went out without them. I ended up joining a hen party as the token man until 6am. I went back to their hotel with the chief bridesmaid for a shower and a chicken sandwich.'

'I was smoking outside with a friend when a guy wearing only Y-fronts approached us. He said if we gave him a cigarette, we could come to a party with free booze. We obviously agreed, even though we never did get an explanation for the pants.'

'After too much whisky, I stole a bench. I put it on like a handbag and dragged it up two flights of stairs and on to my balcony. Too many people saw and heard me do it, so I had to give it back and take the bastard thing downstairs with a hangover.'

'I left a club to get KFC and refused to leave at closing time. So I got locked in and watched “Pineapple Express” with the owner and my bucket of chicken.'

© Garry Knight

'I went for post-work drinks that escalated into podium dancing in Soho, turning up at a stranger's flat for a night cap and setting off a fire alarm as I tried to escape the building, with two stolen pot plants in hand.'

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