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Nine reasons why an Indian summer is better than an actual summer

By Time Out contributors

Brrr – this summer hasn't exactly been BBQ weather. But, lady luck has decided our chilly fortunes have changed. It might be grey right now, but we're about to welcome temperatures of up to 22C in mid-October, bringing some last chance autumnal sunshine.

Here's why we reckon an Indian summer is even better than actual summer.

1. It's a surprise!

It's like the extra Christmas present your parents hid in the garden shed. You've accepted you've had your fill of fun for the year, then BAM you you get hit with a bonus treat.

2. It's the perfect time to use up extra holiday

Maybe you couldn't afford a big holiday this year. Maybe you're one of those people who's nervous to use up all their holiday too early in the year so cling on to it until the very last minute. Either way, now is your time to strike. Laze in the park while your mates work. Hah! 

3. There are less tourists about

Hello, drinks on the South Bank!

4. The kids are back at school

You can go to a theme park without queueing for hours. You can daytime drink in the park without feeling like you're setting a bad example. You can go on the frickin' swings.

5. You can do hybrid autumn and summer activities

Play conkers while you work on your tan! Skip amongst the golden leaves while you eat a 99 ice cream! Barbecue squashes! Hold a Harvest Festival in a lido! 

6. You get the last-chance feeling AGAIN

If you feel like you didn't make the most of actual summer because of a) rain b) work c) hangovers then now you've got three weeks to rush around London and make the most of it. And the drive to do it, too. 

7. OR you can laze about guilt free

Summer feels like an annual subscription service that you need to get your money's worth from. You can feel guilty if you don't do every activity possible on a sunny Saturday. An Indian summer, on the other hand, is like getting a freebie prize you didn't even ask for. So, it doesn't matter if you spend it snoozing in the park.

8. Plus, no-one is away on holiday

If you organise a big group barbecue, people will actually show up.

9. And finally… you can eat all the summer foods and it doesn't matter if you get fat because it's winter next

An ice-cream sandwich a day will make the perfect coat in November.


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