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Oi, London: it’s your last chance to take part in our City Index survey

James Manning

A year ago we asked 10,000 Londoners some pretty personal questions in the name of science. Our 2015 city survey revealed what makes you happiest and what drives you mad. Now we’re doing it again, going deeper and broader than ever before.

The Time Out City Index 2016 is now live in 20 cities across the world. We want to discover everything there is to know about city life today. We’ll be finding out where people are underpaid, where people are getting laid, and where – if anywhere – you can have a good time without breaking the bank. You can help us find out.

Take a few minutes to complete our City Index survey. Here are some of our findings from last year…

What makes Londoners happy

We asked everyone how happy they’d been feeling recently. Then we looked at some of their other answers to see if there was any connection. Turns out a short commute is better than sex at boosting a Londoner’s mood.

What pisses Londoners right off

Last year we asked you for your pet peeves and you didn’t hold back. Answers included ‘London dating’, ‘other people’ and ‘ignorance of Jesus Christ’. Here are some of the words you mentioned most.

Take part in our City Index survey for 2016 and help us work out what makes Londoners tick.

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