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One in five Londoners are too scared to go out for lunch at work

Alexandra Sims

Mice, eye contact on public transport, tube strikes – there are lots of things to fear living in London, but according to new research, even our lunch makes the list. Almost one in five Londoners says they’re too scared to take a lunchbreak at work for fear of being judged negatively by their colleagues, according to research by wellbeing charity CABA.

The study, which surveyed 2,006 people working both part and full time across the UK, found the number of people who worry about taking a lunch break in London – 19 percent – is far higher than any other region in the UK and the national average of 6 percent.  

Nearly a quarter of employees and managers are regularly dining ‘al desko’ because their workloads are too heavy to take a break to cram down their sarnie, according to CABA. The data even revealed an age and gender divide, with women 5 percent more likely than men to chow down solo at their desks bathed in the glow of a monitor. Meanwhile, one in four workers (26 percent) aged between 45 and 54 admit to being desk munchers, compared to 13 percent of staff aged over 55, who are most conscious that eating while working is bad for their health. 

There is hope for the humble lunchbreak, however, with the study suggesting millennials are bucking the desk dining trend and going out for lunch, with only 14 percent guzzling away at their keyboards.

Let’s be honest, you’re not really getting any work done while you’re slurping your soup in front of your keyboard, and your desk buddy would definitely appreciate you taking your tuna sandwich elsewhere.

Image: Roll the dice/Flickr.

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