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#onlyinlondon: the weirdest stuff that’s happened to you in the capital

#onlyinlondon: the weirdest stuff that’s happened to you in the capital

Big, baffling, brilliant, busy and bizarre, London isn’t like anywhere else. What, you want proof? Then check out the #onlyinlondon hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. It’s an ever-updated snapshot of the weird shit that could only happen in our city. Here are a few of the best recent posts.

A woman marrying a phone box? #onlyinlondon


Commuters casually clad in swimwear? #onlyinlondon

Animals at the pub? #onlyinlondon

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Mermaids making friends on public transport? #onlyinlondon




Random celebrity encounters like it ain’t no big deal? #onlyinlondon

The world’s proudest traffic lights? #onlyinlondon

These incredibly creepy fish things on the tube? #onlyinlondon

(At least they’re standing on the right.)


Tech-savvy buskers? #onlyinlondon

Very posh minicabs? #onlyinlondon

Musical butchers? #onlyinlondon

Incisive satirical street art? #onlyinlondon 

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This ball pit full of supposedly functional adults? #onlyinlondon

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And… this guy? #onlyinlondon

Seen something weird and amazing around town? Hashtag it #onlyinlondon and we’ll feature it next time!

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