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Over avocado? Spiced pumpkin on toast is now a thing

Kitty Drake

Put down that pumpkin spiced latte – this autumn you have options. Wild and previously unheard of options, like spiced pumpkin on toast. Yes, the thought of smearing something we previously only experienced in a Starbucks cup on our toast is a bit challenging, but we’re here for the adventure. Apparently it's already a thing in the US.

London’s spiced pumpkin toast-makers are the eco-friendly Farmstand (who we rate). They’re partnering with Deliveroo every morning this month to bring this alternative brunch right to your door for £3.95.

Apparently Deliveroo’s motivations are ethical: owing to the growing phenomenon of ‘avocado hand’ and a global shortage due to poor harvests, avo on toast is no longer the viable brunch option it once was.

‘The news of avocado shortages worried us as much as the next millennial,’ says Deliveroo's Joe Groves. ‘We’re proud to have worked on an alternative with Farmstand.’ Spiced pumpkin on toast is kind of like millennial outreach work, then. Thanks Joe.

Spiced pumpkin on toast (aka Smashing Pumpkins) is available via Deliveroo between 8am and 10.45am on every morning in October.

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