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Patrick Marber explains how 'Closer' made Postman’s Park internationally known

Isabelle Aron

From stunt doubles to costume designers, we talk to the people who've helped make some of London's most iconic films. Patrick Marber, who wrote the original 1997 play and the screenplay for ‘Closer’, explains how he ended up featuring Postman’s Park after stumbling across it accidentally.

The memorial in Postman’s Park commemorates ordinary people who died saving others. Why did you choose to film here?

‘I was new to the area, was walking my dog and found it by chance. The Watts Memorial in the park suddenly solved a problem in the play I’d been itching about.’ 

Do you still visit the park? 

‘I check in once a month. It’s a minor place of pilgrimage for people who like the play and film. I sometimes see students there studying the text or taking photos. I like that.’

What did you want to say about living in London through ‘Closer’?

‘I wrote it in 1996. It was a different kind of city then. I was interested in how lonely it can feel to be so surrounded by people.’  

Patrick Marber directs ‘Venus in Fur’ at Theatre Royal Haymarket. Oct 6-Dec 9.

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