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Robert Lordan of 'View From the Mirror' shares his top five London spots

Robert Lordan

We've launched a new Blog Network which involves getting a bunch of cool bloggers to write for us, such as Robert Lordan from View From the Mirror: A Cabbie's London. Here are Rob's favourite sights and places in London.

1. Battle of Cable Street mural

October 4 1936: the day thousands of East Enders gave fascism the elbow. The 'Battle of Cable Street' is a moment in our history that makes me proud to be a Londoner and this mighty mural is testament to that event. Painted between 1979 and 1982, it's chock full of imagery – a bit like a gigantic 'Where's Wally?'. Look out for the well-aimed chamber pot and a fellow who bears a close resemblance to Hitler... albeit panicked and in his underwear. 


Wellcome Collection, London

2. A Secret Van Gogh at The Wellcome Collection 

Seeing 'Sunflowers' in the National Gallery introduced me to the brilliance of Van Gogh when I was little. Shame then that a decent peek is impossible nowadays without getting a camera phone shoved up your nose. Luckily the Wellcome Collection's Medicine Man exhibition offers salvation. Here, behind a small door in the wall, hides an etching made by the Dutch artist just weeks before he died. Being able to get up close, spend time with the work and quietly contemplate Vincent's tragic life is a rare treat indeed. My own personal tour of Van Gogh's London can be found here

© Rob Lordan

3. Czechoslovak Restaurant

London is my one true love, but I must admit to having a crush on Prague too. Good to know then that a small outpost of the Czech Republic is firmly planted in West Hampstead – and its presence is every bit as comforting as the grub served up. The restaurant dates back to the 1940s and little has changed since. Looking like your granny's sitting room, the main dining area serves up the best schnitzel in town. It's a guilty pleasure of mine to pop by here and imagine myself in the midst of a Cold War thriller, a fantasy no doubt fuelled by the sublime Czech lager. Na zdravi!   

© Simon Harriyott

4. Jimi Hendrix plaque at 23 Brook Street

We all know that London's so cool she makes Fonzie look square. But if you ever have a naysayer on your hands, drag them to 23 Brook Street. It's home to the capital's hippest blue plaque that says, 'Jimi Hendrix lived here'. George Frideric Handel once had a crib here too, proof that great musicians have long been drawn towards the city. Handel's rooms are already open to the public and Jimi's are scheduled to open soon. I can't flippin' wait to have a nose around. 

© Rob Lordan

 5. The Peachy Stone

Perched on the summit of Harrow-on-the-Hill (in St Mary's churchyard to be precise) this peaceful lookout was once Lord Byron's favourite chill spot. Vandalised litter bin aside, the arbour is gorgeous and offers dramatic views way out west. It's the only time I'm happy to avert my gaze from London – on a clear day you can even glimpse Windsor. Once refreshed, I like to stroll across to the other side of the hill which offers a cracking panorama of the capital. Stretching from Wembley Stadium to the Shard and beyond, it's all here to take in. 

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