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See if you can find £500 hidden in a bin tomorrow


Are your pockets feeling a little light? Would you like to fill them with exactly £507.16? Well then, get ready to rummage through some rubbish, because a new ‘Instagram Scheduling’ start-up is planning to toss half a grand into a bin for Londoners to find. 

From midday tomorrow, members of the public will be able to follow clues sent via email from ‘Hopper HQ Cash Dash’ leading them to the money bin. To receive each clue, you’ll need to snap a selfie at every checkpoint. So why the hell is this happening? Apparently Hopper HQ wants to prove a point about all the cash that brands and social media agencies haemorrhage each month by manually scheduling posts. Oh well, one man’s marketing stunt is another’s chance to run away with 500 big ones. 

If you happen to have a boss who understands the value of a lunchtime treasure hunt, you have a chance of scoring some free cash. If the dosh isn’t uncovered by 7pm, it will be donated to mental health charity Mind (so many conflicting feelings!). To take part, you’ll need to register here before 11am on Tuesday July 25. 

Still skint and can’t hunt for bin money? There’s plenty of free fun to be had in the city

Main image: James Beard/Flickr

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